The Blog Writing Group

This is a support group and tutorial blog for bloggers. It’s different from a blog that simply post about other blogs because  we seek to not only teach but understand the way of the blogger. Most people start to love our blog because we cover important Blogger issues and concerns like:

How do I automate by blogging so I don’t have to blog everyday??

…or subjects like this:

Should I target certain keywords in my blog post and titles to generate natural traffic?

…or articles like this:

Social Media: How it can help your blog or destroy your blog!

We also have a news feed that is aggregated to the latest news on Blogs, Bloggers, Social Media, SEO, Tech, HTML, CSS, and more Geek/Nerd stuff for you and your blog.

We also have a blog writing service.  Tired of writing your own blog?  Are you a large company that realizes the value of a blog but want to outsource the creative writing?  Need to post a blog post about you, your product or your company on a blog somewhere??  We can help.  See our services page.

As a new Blog visitor or user, you should go to our contact page to introduce yourself and become a guest blogger.  Being a guest blogger is a great way to backlink your own website and tell the world your blogging stories through our platform. Enjoy & Have fun!